#FideLeonHome House Tour - The Master Bedroom

Monday, October 10, 2016

It's been ages since my last post! Awhile ago I shared the photo of our bedroom on Instagram and somebody requested that I update how #FideLeonHome looks like as of now, so here goes!

It's still an ongoing project of course haha we're constantly looking out for pretty decors to add to our home still, ok scratch that, I am constantly looking out haha. Leon being a guy-guy wouldn't care for stuff like this. I'm thankful that he pretty much allowed me to do up the house as I like. (:

In case you are curious, we spent a total of roughly 60k on renovation, flooring, doors, electronics including such as washer/dryer, dish washer, oven/microwave, vacuum robot, home theater sound systems (lol the one thing Leon insisted on) etc.

Thank god for Taobao, so much nicer choices at way better prices than SG! I shopped and bought most of our home stuff from decors to from there such as our bedframe, bedside tables, all our lightings, tv console, coffee table etc!

We have hacked two rooms to create a more spacious master bedroom and I love that the balcony is in our room beside our bed, making the space so much brighter, airy and more inviting. You can see the entire room if you zoom in on the panoramic image below.

Bath tub time is never boring too! hehe I always bring a beer or a glass of umeshu and my laptop to entertain me while i enjoy my relaxing me-time. :D

When we chose this block and unit 4 years ago, Leon was really good at checking the morning/evening sun, and based on the model what our views from our home would be (he better be, since he's a property agent! :D) and honestly, I think we have the perfect home! 

In the morning we have plenty of gorrrrrgeous morning light, our Lifesmart smart curtain is scheduled to be drawn automatically at 7.20am and I always feels so refreshed and happy to wake up in a light filled room. Nothing makes me more miserable than having to drag myself out of bed when the whole room is dark like I'm meant to sleep in for a couple more hours.

The Waterway Cascadia estate itself is really beautiful, it's tiered like this, shorter stacks in front just right smack on the Waterway, the center portion is the garden on level 2 and higher stacks at the back. Friends and my clients who came to my place to visit and for their makeovers / bridal trials always commented that the estate totally has the condo feel!

Found this 3 photos on our waterway cascadia fb group, another resident posted these:

They even made the entrance/pick up point for the Waterway Cascadia so beautiful with marbled tiles + silver lettering! 

Entrance to Waterway Cascadia from the Waterway itself, from here it's only a short 5 - 10 mins stroll to waterway point! So our masterbed room balcony overlooks the garden and a peeeeek into the waterway and I think it's really lovely with the sunset in the evenings as well.

The view from our balcony at dusk

and sunny in the day!
Will share more about the rest of the house sometime soon.

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

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